Eavesdropping and Espionage Protection

Threat from competitors

Modern technology offers criminals many ways of obtaining information illegally. Behind the attackers there are often competing companies, and in some countries even the government's intelligence agencies regard economic espionage as their official duty.

Billions of losses

Whether it's the use of mini cameras and hidden microphones or the manipulation of IT and telephone systems: the damage particularly to small and medium-sized companies can be life-threatening. Each year, the German economy sustains losses of 20 billion euros, according to estimates by the Federal Commerce Department and the Security Working Group (ASW).

Protected by a professional security package

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid and their experienced technicians offer a comprehensive security package to their clients in order to locate technological attacks. The investigation is carried out under strictest confidentiality.

The investigation includes:

  • checking offices for active and inactive surveillance electronics including infra-red transmission and infra-red lasers
  • checking telephone systems
  • checking the electricity lines
  • checking vehicles for surveillance electronics and hidden GPS devices
  • checking IT components including mobile phones for malware

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