Investigations in Germany

We carry out the following jobs in all of Germany:

Internet research

Professional internet research goes far beyond what can be done by laypeople.

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has specialists dealing with this subject and who always stay on top of new developments. In the case of most assignments, we start with a professional online research to use the information gained in that way as a basis for further investigations.

Locating debtors and other people

To avoid enforcement or court proceedings, people often officially change their residence to one abroad, while they still remain living in Germany in reality. Through a combination of different research methods, we investigate the actual place of residence of a person of interest.

Asset Tracing

Learn more about our service: » Asset Tracing

Investigating property crimes

Investigating crimes committed by employees

A substantial part of losses sustained by companies due to economic crimes is committed by employees. Selling of business secrets to competitors, receiving kickbacks and theft are the crimes seen most regularly.

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has a lot of experience in this area and the necessary knowledge of business affairs and of typical criminal behavior which allows us to lead successful investigations.

Protection against eavesdropping

Investigations of trademark piracy and unfair competition

Computer crime

The cooperation of IT specialists and investigators is the basis of successful investigations.

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