International Investigations

In a globalized world, international investigations are more and more important. For them to be successful, a well-founded knowledge of the respective countries and their culture is required.

Worldwide network

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has a worldwide network of professional liaison offices, with whose help we can lead fast and inexpensive investigations. This concerns both investigations after crimes have been committed as well as background research regarding individuals and companies from those countries.

Due to the experience of many investigations abroad, we have a breadth of knowledge about country-specific crime and about the respective possibilities of obtaining information about individuals and companies in the country.

Protection against criminal partners

Many German companies are looking for new markets and production opportunities abroad and have to rely on cooperation with local partners. The right choice of local companies is a decisive factor for the success or failure of such an expansion.

This does not only concern these companies' solvency, but also the integrity of their officers and if they have ever run afoul of the law. Illegal activities, e.g. payments of bribes, can lead to negative consequences for the German partner company, possibly even the loss of the investment.

Among others, we work on the following issues:

  • criminal activity by employees with foreign subsidiaries of German companies
  • property crimes (fraud, embezzlement, theft)
  • checking CVs of foreign applicants
  • researching suppliers and customers regarding solvency and possible criminal background
  • researching companies and individuals to prepare business relationships
  • asset tracing in order to enforce claims

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies

In many countries we already have experience in cooperating with local law enforcement agencies, allowing us to use these avenues if the client wishes us to do so.

We will adhere to the strict standards of the World Association of Detectives (WAD) at all times.

Geographic focus

The focus of our international investigations is on the following regions:

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid GmbH is a member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

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