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Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid – your private investigators in Munich

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid GmbH are private investigators in Munich offering a broad range of services with the necessary qualifications and experience that mark us as specialists in our field. This includes national and international investigations, computer forensics, eavesdropping and espionage protection and extensive asset research.

Investigations in Germany

The detective agency provides you with solid evidence obtained through professional investigations, ranging from discrete background research all the way to observations and other measures.

Computer Forensics

Professional analysis of storage devices, in particular to uncover illegal activities committed by employees. From blackmail to economic espionage and treason – our detective agency supports your fight against these threats with professional IT forensics.

International Investigations

We have a worldwide network through which we use local liaison offices for our investigations. Our focus is on Europe, the US and Central and South America.

Eavesdropping Protection

Reduce crime with our business detective agency's individual security package. That way, you will prevent illegal attacks by competitors and intelligence agencies.

Asset Tracing

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid in Munich uses a special concept (ATC) to carry out research on your behalf into debtors' financial situation at home and abroad.

Due Diligence

Background research and system testing at a corporate takeover or new business partners: Use the due diligence you will receive information on actual economic conditions and possible criminal activities.

Your business detectives for investigations, observation & confidentiality

Our private investigators in Munich have more than 25 years of experience with national and international investigations – we are thus one of the most experienced private detective companies in all of Germany, including Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin. We are a member of the “World Association of Detectives“ (WAD) and work in national as well as international territory, using a number of liaison agencies all over the world.

A team of professional detectives for a successful investigation

The Managing Director Peter Schmid, who has a degree in public administration, and all the private investigators and IT specialists who make up the team, have years of experience. Both during the investigation and in the analysis, we use experienced investigators whose task is to protect your company against espionage in a professional manner. Each of our detectives has a professional training and a high degree of practical knowledge. And absolute confidentiality is of course our highest priority!

Asset tracing, international investigations, et cetera

Our business detectives carry out asset tracing using a specifically designed concept called “Asset Tracing Concept“ (ATC) to research debtors' financial situation domestically and internationally. The concept includes personal and professional asset tracing, particularly for civil trials, in order to uncover funds as quickly as possible.

For optimal performance, we use liaison offices for example in in France, England, Spain and Italy. Each of our detectives works with local law enforcement agencies and pursuant to WAD standards to be able to uncover criminal employee activity domestically and internationally and to carry out investigations and checks – from Europe to the US, all the way to Central and South America.

Within the scope of our eavesdropping and espionage protection we examine your offices and your company's technology in a professional way to prevent espionage by competing companies or intelligence services.

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